For heavy duty use, we recommend the best-selling Professional Trodat Self-Inking Daters and Numberers. These are the perfect solution for daily office use and high-volume stamping needs. It guarantees clean, precise imprints and has stood for reliability and professionalism for years.


The Professional offers the greatest user comfort. It lies perfectly in the hand thanks to its ergonomically shaped handle. The imprint occurs in a soft, round stamp motion.


The Professional's sturdy steel core guarantees durability and stability. It's precisely right for the office's varied daily demands.


Dirty fingers while adjusting the date? Not with the Professional. The stable date band cover prevents finger contact with the stamp ink and keeps your fingers clean—every day.


The Trodat Classic Numberers are true perennials. There are numerous models and sizes. Whether date, number, text, or time stamps, traditional users can find the optimal product for every requirement here. A separate stamp pad is required for these hand stamps.


Whether stamps with four or twelve numbers, 3 mm or 9 mm character height, the choice is completely up to you.


Ergonomically shaped grips enable comfortable stamping.


The functional execution makes handling quite easy: the date on date stamps is set in a flash by the turning wheels.