In 1970, AaBéCé opened its doors to the public as a bookstore.

On only 80m2 floor space, we became a local favorite by selling office supplies, magazines, postcards and literature and stickers. As clients demanded more, we expanded our merchandise to laminating, screen printing, music records, games and toys.

After a few years, the owner was longing for something different, something more productive  for himself and the customers. That's when he entered the graphic industry and purchased machines for the production of stamps, business cards, vinyl stickers and other products such as promotional items and signs.

It was a start of a complete new business segment in Suriname!

As the first graphic company in Suriname, business was booming, which forced us to broaden the workspace to 950m2 and increase our business offerings. Frequently visiting international trade shows, seminars, workshops and staying up-to-date with the industry-specific news, allowed us to introduce the Suriname market to the latest and best in the Graphic Industry. Vinyl cutting, embossers, laser engraving, sublimation, uv printing and doming are some of the advanced technologies that we introduced to Suriname.

Since the early beginnings, AaBéCé has been a market leader in its segment, enjoying the benefits of being the first player in the market. Over the years, as new players have entered the market, AaBéCé is still recognized as the #1 source for stamps, recognition and signage solutions.  Adding Promotional Products to our product offerings allows us to better suit our customers needs. We currently offer over thousands of products, which are custom made to Make You Visible and enhance your company's brand or image in endless ways.

Our mission is to provide top-quality products and services that are Guaranteed Fast & Flawless. Every single time!